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Yerba Mate - Verdeflor Cedron 500Gr

Yerba Mate - Verdeflor Cedron 500Gr

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VERDEFLOR CEDRON is a variety that combines the best flavor of yerba mate with cedar and pulp, obtaining a different infusion, with a lemon aftertaste. Cedar has a soft fragrance and citrus notes, which offer a great complement to yerba mate. This aromatic herb, paired with the mate, highlights the flavor of yerba mate while giving every sip of our mate a lemony twist. The result of this blend is a stimulating and refreshing variety, which neutralizes acidity.


Origin tracking: We assign a batch number that identifies the geographical area, the dryer used and the harvest season.

Quality: We maintain strict requirements for color, flavor, aroma and moisture.

Sanitary conditions: We carry out systematic microbiological studies to ensure the safety of the raw material.

• Seasoning: We evaluate it before going into milling and take care of its evolution.

• Blend: All batches must meet specifications to create its signature blend.

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Impero del Mate

The composition of Mate is an art before a ritual, in fact, preparing the Yerba for infusion is a key step for correct drinking, enhancing its aromas and aromas.
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