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Mate Imperial Black with Base and Fleje Alpaca | Elite

Mate Imperial Black with Base and Fleje Alpaca | Elite

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From the hands of our artisans these wonderful works of art are born, in the most faithful Argentine tradition, with details that intertwine to give life to unique pieces!

MATE IMPERIAL in natural pumpkin specially selected from Brazil covered with real leather, whether smooth or worked depending on the model.

This top of the range pumpkin, meticulously produced by our artisans with a lot of experience in the sector, has its particularity of having not only a fleje on the outside but also a metal ferrule (it can be in alpaca, steel, copper, bronze, etc.) , usually chiseled with different types of techniques depending on the design that has been chosen.

The processing is 100% artisanal, thus offering an imperfect beauty.

Its price varies a lot compared to other materials since the artisans spend many hours to be able to package these products.

IMPORTANT: Our mates are made by Argentine artisans, all the work is done completely by hand, the capacity and dimensions of the mates can vary (pumpkins have different types of shapes and sizes).


- Brazilian pumpkin

- Argentine leather

- Hand-chiseled ferrule in pure Alpaca

- 100% artisanal Argentine production

- Capacity may vary, approximately 100ml

Free gadgets

By purchasing a Mate in size M or smaller you will receive a free "Impero del Mate" branded cotton bag with which to comfortably carry your Mate!

Dear Instructions

We recommend storing in a cool, dry place for optimal preservation.

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