Nuovi utilizzi della Yerba Mate -

New uses of Yerba Mate

The success of mate and yerba have triggered the production of a vast range of new products ranging from food supplements to liqueurs and beers!

Many products were created to meet the needs and habits of states outside of Latin America, especially in Europe where the culture of tea and coffee is deeply rooted.

  1. Cocido mate is the expression of yerba mate as the tea tradition is conceived in Europe, in fact the pumpkin is not used as a cup and the loose yerba is already packaged in the classic sachets.
    It is savored by leaving the sachet immersed in boiling water like any other traditional tea

  2. In liqueurs, yerba is the main ingredient. The process begins with a 15-day infusion in pure alcohol, followed by filtration and dilution with a syrup of water and sugar. With its refreshing and herbaceous notes it is the ideal liqueur at the end of a meal

  3. Food supplements are created thanks to the numerous beneficial properties of yerba mate. The leaves have tonic and stimulating properties, contain caffeine, theobromine, tannins, and vitamins (C, B1, B12). Thanks to the substances it contains, mate performs a dual function: it acts on thermogenesis, facilitating fat metabolism and increasing the sense of satiety.

  4. In desserts, yerba is used as a flavoring for milk,  in fact, once brought to the boil, the yerba is added for a few minutes and then filtered and removed. By doing so it transmits its properties and colors to the dough. This technique is very popular for cakes and biscuits

  5. Nowadays there are many varieties of yerba mate-based drinks created both as juices and sodas, in fact a new frontier is the use of  drinks at  yerba as a base for real drinks. Even in smoothies you can use a fresh infusion of water previously flavored with yerba and then add fruit.
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