Mate dolce o amaro? -

Mate sweet or bitter?

The natural flavor of yerba mate tends to be bitter regardless of the variety of yerba you use.

In this regard, before herbal mixtures with the addition of fruit peels or aromatic herbs were marketed, it was common practice to sweeten mate with "grandmother's" remedies.

The simplest method is adding sugar to the base of the mate during preparation but not only that! Nowadays, the addition of dried orange, lemon or mandarin peel is also often used. Very interesting is ginger  capable of imparting a pleasantly pungent aftertaste note that balances the bitterness of the yerba.

Last but not least, Honey!

Its unmistakable sweet flavor is one of the best combinations with yerba mate. The result is a drink that is initially sweet, soft and enveloping and then fades away leaving a faint bitterness on the palate, definitely worth trying!

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