Cos'è il Mate -

What is Mate

Mate is a tea!

Its peculiarities are how it is drunk, which accessories are used and its beneficial properties!

In particular, the "mate" is the cup obtained from a dried pumpkin into which water and yerba are poured, thus composing an infusion to be enjoyed even over a prolonged period of about an hour. This infusion will be filtered and sipped thanks to the use of the "bombilla", a straw whose structure, materials and decorations can vary depending on the traditions and type of Yerba used. In fact, for very fine or more chopped yerba, you will need a bombilla capable of filtering the infusion without letting fragments or particles of the yerba reach your mouth. In this regard, the variety of bombillas has grown over time and today a thousand types can be found.

At the same time the varieties of yerba that you can sip are so many!

This allows us to choose different qualities based on the bitterness, the maturing and drying period, the fineness, the presence or absence of the stem inside the mixture and the addition of aromas or dried fruit!

Learn more about the beneficial properties of yerba mate, how to prepare a mate, what flavorings can be added and much more in our blogs!

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